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Empower your educational offerings with Learning Objects

The cutting-edge platform transforming online learning

An all-in-one solution for online training that gets better forever

The Learning Objects Platform is a cutting-edge learning management system designed specifically for the dynamic needs of education content publishers. Our platform offers unparalleled course catalog management, allowing you to efficiently organize and distribute a diverse range of educational content.


With a variety of activity and assessment types, we ensure that your content engages learners through interactive quizzes, assignments, and formative assessments. Our platform excels in instructional content delivery, featuring a robust WYSIWYG editor, multimedia integration, and seamless content import from sources like SCORM and ePub files.




Design Activities


Build Assessments


From standards-based integrations to powerful analytics - we have it all.

Comprehensive Course Management

Facilitating course creation, distribution, and tracking, we make it easy to manage your courses across all of your channels.

Engaging Learning Experience


Interactive tools, multimedia integration, and personalized learning paths enhance student engagement and knowledge retention.

Analytics and Reporting

Advanced analytics for monitoring student progress, course effectiveness, and user engagement give your instructional designers the data they need to continuously improve.

Collaboration Tools

Peer interaction and instructor communication, including forums, chat, and group projects create opportunities for soft skills training.

Scalability and Flexibility

Catering to diverse educational needs, from professional development to hobbyist courses, and scalable to accommodate different user volumes, the  Learning Objects Platform is designed for teams of all sizes.

Accessibility and Mobile Compatibility


Accessible on all devices and compliant with accessibility standards, accessing your courses will be easy for everyone.

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